The Chase & The Kill – L.J. Smith (Review)

21 Sep

The Chase

I didn’t like this book as much as I liked the first one. Some characters really got on my nerves, mostly Tom and Jenny.
Also, it wasn’t as creepy and entertaining as The Hunter and Julian – the villain- made his appearance only after the first half of the book.

The Kill

To rescue her boyfriend Tom and her cousin Zach from the evil Julian, Jenny Thornton and her friends–Audrey, Michael, and Dee–venture into the Shadow World, armed only with a set of runes that hold the key to the doors of hell.

This was definitely better than The Chase. It was creepy, entertaining, intense and full of action. I liked the fact that all the characters evolved throughout the series and in the end they were very different from the persons we met in the first book.
Even though the ending was sad, it was also perfect because the series couldn’t have ended any other way.


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